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Internet advertising

Devon Agency is an agency for all companies and industries looking for expert marketing solutions on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, as well as SEO (search engine optimization).
An agency you can trust

What we do?

Most agencies measure success by the number of potential clients. We believe that it’s not just about the number of leads – it’s about quality. We want to help you build relationships with potential customers who need your services or products.

Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook and Instagram in the form of sponsored posts, reports, contests, carousels and much more.

Google Ads

Ads in Google search engine and on websites: advertising slogans, attractive graphics and target audience.


Effective website positioning for given phrases, website optimization and SEO texts.
Increase your audience from the Internet

Do you want to get customers?

Take your business to the next level with a full package of advertising services that will attract new customers to your door. We’ll increase your reach by targeting people based on interests, age, location, gender, and more. We offer personalized campaigns that are tailored to your needs and budget.

Target group

The ads will be targeted at a given target audience in terms of interests and other factors.

Locally and globally

We will determine where your ads will be displayed: in your area, in certain areas or throughout countries.

Dedicated graphics

Creative eye-catching graphics with advertising slogans are the perfect way to attract the attention.

Arrangement photos

Upon request, we will take care of product photos, a photo session of food in a restaurant and much more!

Adapted budget

Together, we will set a budget for advertising and present indicative results depending on the budget.

Monthly reports

We regularly document the progress of our work on advertising accounts. Everything will be clear.

What and how?

Etapy współpracy

1. Consultation

We talk about work, set the details and start date of cooperation.

2. Contract

We sign a legible and understandable contract with a one-month notice period.

3. Strategy

We create a strategy to reach recipients and present examples of advertising topics.

4. Posts and graphics

We create ads, individual graphics, stories, advertising campaigns and more!

5. Reports

Every 30 days, we present reports and the effectiveness of the activities performed.

-25% on the new website with the social media payment

Discount on social media and new website

Entrust us with running your social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram and get a -25% discount for services related to building or refreshing your website!

Questions and Answers

Regular maintenance of Facebook and Instagram accounts will inspire trust and create a professional image of the brand on the market and allow you to present the entire offer in one place. Paid Facebook Ads and Google Ads allow you to quickly reach your target audience and get leads without long-term building of organic reach.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to promote your company on the web. The essence of SEO is to enable Google to identify valuable activity on your website in order to appear higher in search results. Website optimization involves conducting activities on-site and off-site. Website texts are also very important in SEO. The better quality text appears on your website (in language or content), the better Google will evaluate the website as a whole.
It all depends on you! Each of our cooperation lasts at least 3 months, but most of our clients decide to continue.
We do not sign any binding contracts. We will start with a 3-month cooperation agreement to start, which will later be indefinite. You can resign from our services at any time with one month’s notice. It’s all at no extra cost .
In addition to helping with e-marketing topics, we can take care of creating a website or online store for your company, designing and printing graphics, flyers, business cards, catalogs and much more, as well as product photos and others.