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Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hosting and domain

We will take care of placing the website on the server, connecting it to the domain, configuring e-mail accounts and installing the SSL security certificate.
Comprehensive services

Good hosting is essential

Every website must have its place on the Internet. We will provide efficient hosting and help you choose the right name, i.e. a domain ending in .pl, .com, .eu or another.


Efficient and fast hosting, administered by the Devon Agency, is the perfect place to host your website.


The domain you choose. Check the availability of domains for your site: click here.

SSL certificate

Ensure the security of your website and improve your Google optimization score.
Everything is clear and understandable

What's this about?

To put it simply: Hosting is a place on the server where all the source files of the website (code, photos, texts and other) and e-mail accounts are placed. Domain is the name of the website with a given ending (e.g. .pl, .com, .eu) that is connected to the hosting. SSL certificate is an internet data encryption protocol that makes your website safe for Google and other users.


Our fast and efficient hosting is dedicated to websites based on CMS WordPress and more!


Let's choose together and buy the most appropriate domain ending in .com or another for your business.

SSL certificate

Each page that is hosted on our hosting is protected by a secure SSL certificate.


Our hosting provider ensures protection of your website data up to 28 days back.


We will create for you as many email accounts based on your domain as you will need.


In case of hosting issues that are not your fault, we will repair it for free.

What and how?

Stages of cooperation

1. Consultation

We talk about your website and choose the right hosting package and domain.

2. Agreement

We sign a clear and understandable contract for a given period of time and we make a final payment.

3. Finalization

We place your website on our hosting, connect to the domain, and run the SSL certificate.

Everything in one place

Fast hosting and domain

Look no further!
We are a one-stop agency for all your brand visibility needs on the Internet.
We offer the server and administration of your website on our fast and efficient hosting with domain purchase!

Questions and Answers

Performance, speed and security. Thanks to our hosting, your website is up to 67 times faster than the competition. The latest technologies of LiteSpeed Cache, Redis, NVMe drives, HTTP / 3 protocol and the latest version of PHP 8 speak for themselves. Website backups are performed even every 6 hours, up to 28 days back, and the WAF security firewall, which intercepts attacks on your website, means that you do not have to worry about anything. We administer, solve problems and advise what and how.
Yes, hosting is one of the main elements that affects page loading speed and therefore results on Google. Well-optimized websites rank higher in Google searches.
Unlimited number of e-mail accounts is one of the main factors that makes more and more customers decide to choose hosting provided by Devon Agency.
Yes, we can install the website on our hosting and transfer the domain to our account.
The hosting, domain and SSL certificate fee is recurring every year. We will remind you about it in due time. If you don’t make it, don’t worry! We will extend your package by 7 days so that your website is always visible on the Internet.